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PO BOX 2060, Rowville, 3178


April, 2002

Newsletter of the Rowville Rockets Basketball Club



Dear Rockets,


Winter season is about to start at Dandenong, and Knox is about to launch into the finals.

Best of luck to all those that will be involved.


Congratulations to all Dandenong teams for another successful summer season, well played.


To all eleven Dandenong teams that made finals “well done”. We had three teams make Grand Final,

Under 14/2D, Under 11/1A and Under 12/1A with Under 11A and Under 12A winning their Grand Final.


I would like to thank all Coach’s and Team Managers for giving their time during the season, many of you have made the commitment to another season. If it wasn’t for your enthusiasm our Club would not be as strong and successful as it is.


You may recall I mentioned that the Knox Council had lost their funding to redevelop the Community Centre. Well, they reapplied for that funding and have received it. From what I have been told there will be two extra courts at the Community Centre. These should be completed in the next 12 to 18 months. All indications are that this will go ahead and these courts will be used by the Knox Association in place of some other courts currently been used.


We have many families new to the Club in the last 12 months. I would like to ask you along with all our other members to consider joining our Committee. Our AGM will be held on the 23rd June this would be the perfect opportunity to become involved with the running of our great Club. The Club is run entirely by volunteers, we are always looking for new ideas.


Yours truly,


Peter Farragher

President Rowville Basketball Club.



As part of the committee's ongoing commitment to the development of Rowville Rockets Basketball Club, we have decided to run a COACHING WORKSHOP.


The workshop will cover the following topics:


·       Team Training Drills and techniques

·       Explain the role of a coach during game time

·       Clarify referees expectations

·       Cover the current club policies

·       Overview of how the club is run

·       Discuss the Coaches Code of Conduct

·       Inform you of the team selection process

·       How assistants can help a coach

·       How club trophies are awarded


We are looking for people who have been thinking of taking up the role as a team coach but felt that they didn't know how to coach or thought they didn’t have enough experience to take on the role.


If you have been thinking this way but would like to have a go then please contact Mark Plumridge

on 9752-8998 to register your interest.


We would encourage any parent, senior age group players age 15 and over or any of the current

assistants to register because the workshop will help you take the next step.


We will inform you of the date, venue and time after we know the number of people keen to participate.


Your club and the players need you. Please ring NOW to register.


“Rebel Sport”


The Rowville Rockets Club

I.D. number for Rebel Sport is



Quote this number when

 making purchases from

 Rebel Sport

to receive a 5% discount.





The May issue of the“Rocketeer”

will be available for distribution on Monday May 6th, 2002 


Newsletters for Knox Teams will be

delivered by post for the month of May.



Happy Birthday in APRIL to



Jacinta Bendle                                   1/4/90

Jonathan Silva                                   1/4/85

Shane Smillie                                     2/4/86

Shane Lehmann                                2/4/90

Kelsey Smith                                     2/4/93

Mark Barnachea                                4/4/91

Luke Ruschmeyer                            4/4/93

Adam Charalambides                       7/4/87

Nicholas Leenheers                          7/4/90

Tim Knowles                                     7/4/93

Matthew Ward                                  7/4/93

Deepak Pallai                                     9/4/93

Shane Wilson                                    10/4/90

Jordan Andreola                              10/4/93

Samantha Lavale                                17/4/89

Michael Muratore                             18/4/92

Samantha Gaggino                           19/4/93

Sean McInnes                                    21/4/86

Kelly Zygraich                                   23/4/88

Kayla Bannister                                 23/4/92

Stuart Jebb                                        24/4/90

Amanda Graves                                25/4/85

Siobhan Powel                                   25/4/90

Iouri Gorianov                                  25/4/90

Madelaine Teeuw-Fraser                 27/4/92

Pauline Kellett                                  30/4/85






Peter Farragher                9795 7477


Raelene Unsworth            9763 4450


Neil Jebb                           9763 1845    

Vice President—Development

Mark Plumridge                 9752 8998    

Teams Controller—Communication

Ros Copeland                  9755 5004


Sue Ellul                           9759 6068


U8/10/12 Boys

U14/16/18/20 Boys

U10/12/14/16/18 Girls


Peter Farragher                9795 7477

Charles Heap                   9759 7178

Nicola Johnson                 9759 7259

Sharon Waterhouse         9763 2737

Assistant Secretary

Debbie Wardrope             9764 8179


Sue Ewin                          9752 9951

Uniform Orders

Angie Rondinella              9759 6264


Diane Lehmann                9752 7653

Development Officer

Dean Templeton               9753 2762

Coaching Co-ordinator

Aldo Sedevcich                9763 4665

The Rowville Rockets

Basketball Club

Annual General Meeting

and Presentation Day

will be held on

Sunday June 23rd

from 3.00 pm  -  6.00 pm

at the Rowville Community Centre

We are looking for

 new committee members

 to join us for the coming year.






Return of first aid kits


Please contact Sue Ewin to arrange for the return of your first aid kits ASAP so that they can be re-stocked and re-issued for the new season. If you will continue as team manager for the new season, please contact me to advise me of the details.


PHONE: 97529951





For all 

uniform orders,


please contact 




on 9759 6264.


Finals at Knox


Good Luck to all teams playing in the Summer Season Finals at Knox.


We hope you do well.


Finals at Dandenong


Well done to all those teams that made the Finals at Dandenong last month.


Congratulations to the Under 11A and

Under 12A teams on winning the grand final.




Unfortunately there are still a number of families who have fees outstanding.


This matter is URGENT and we ask that payments be forwarded to

PO Box 2060, Rowville, 3178


Alternatively arrangements may be made with Raelene Unsworth on 9763 4450.


Children WILL NOT be placed into teams next season if their fees are not paid up to date.



Team Name

U/16 - Dandenong






Mark Plumridge

Ladder Position


After Round

Prelim Final

After finishing the regular season in 4th position, we took on the 3rd side in the semi final and beat them by 12 points.  We progressed to the Preliminary final and took on the top side.  Both sides played tough defence in the first half with low scores at half time 10 – 12.  In the second half, both teams got their game going and the scoring increased but with several turn overs we failed to keep up with them and lost by 16 points.  The boys tried their best as always, but the better team won on the day.



Team Name

U/12 1 - Dandenong






Peter Farragher

Ladder Position


After Round

Grand Final

Congratulations to the boys of the Dandenong Under 12/1 side who won their A grade Grand Final against Hampton Park on Saturday 23/3/02.  The boys went through the season with one loss and one draw against them.  Coming into the finals we were handed our second defeat by Hampton Park, this time by 2 points in the semi final.  This game was one of the highest quality games I’ve seen played by junior boys.  We won our Preliminary final against Berwick convincingly and knew we would have to play at out best to beat Hampton Park.  The team played hard and fast keeping in front of our opposition for the whole game, but only just.  Hampton Park were never more than a few baskets behind.  It was a great relief when the final siren went.  Well done boys on a fantastic season.

Calvin Enge,  Josh Farragher,  Damian Garner,  Stuart Jebb,  Shane Lehmann,

 Brad Plumridge,  Tyson Seddon,  Tyrone Wilhelm. 


Team Name

U/11 - Dandenong






Sandra Chapman

Ladder Position


After Round

Grand Final

I would like to congratulate Mitchell, Lucas, Sean, Tyson, Jake, Kayne, Andreas and Brenton for winning the Grand Final on Saturday 23rd March.  It was a very exciting game with us being down for most of the game, except for the last 2 minutes when we got in front and eventually won by 3 points. 

Thanks for a great season and congratulations once again.

Good luck for next season boys!!


Team Name

U/10 1 - Dandenong


Linda & Peter Farragher







Every Tuesday afternoon 8 enthusiastic boys took the court at Dandenong.  Throughout the season the team was very successful, winning 90% of their games.  During the season the boys showed great potential playing as a team and not 5 individuals.  By the end of the season there were some great passages of play with great passes up the court.  I’m sure the boys enjoyed their summer Season and are looking forward to the Winter Season.


Well done boys!!!





We would like all those coaching Under 14 and 16 teams to submit a BRIEF report for publication in the next newsletter.


Please forward these reports to your coaching director by the end of April for inclusion in the May edition.