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The Rocketeer

Newsletter of the Rowville Rockets Basketball Club

August, 2001



Dear Rockets Families,


You may be aware the figures of the Club presented at the AGM were incorrect.

The financial statement attached to this newsletter are the actual figures.  These figures have been resubmitted to the auditor.


Last season it was decided by the committee not to increase the fees to see what effect the GST would have on the club.  As you can see fees will have to be increased for next

season as the Club can not continue to carry the expense created by the GST.


I would like to thank the families who participated in the Club survey.  It is important for the committee to know your thoughts and ideas.  Many families have indicated in the survey that you would like the players looked at more thoroughly when assessing them for next season.  To do this we require two extra Co-ordinators.  With approximately 350 players in the club, extra help is needed.  Please contact me if you wish to help your child, it is not that difficult a job to do.


Finally for those of you who have access to the internet, Rowville Rockets has its own web site.  It is very well done and I would like to thank Aldo Sedecvich for  setting it up, so please visit the site and pass on your thoughts to us.


Go Rockets.


Peter Farragher

President  -  Rowville Rockets Basketball Club



We are very excited at Rowville Rockets Basketball club

to advise all members that we have launched a new

web site for anyone interested in gaining

more information about our club.


Our address is:


Please note that this address does NOT begin with the

letters www. as usually occurs.


Why not book mark this as a favourite site and check back

 regularly for updates.


Our thanks go to Aldo Sedevcich for all of his hard work in developing the site.



A Note from the Club Secretary

I’d like to thank all the families who attended the AGM.   I also wish to apologise for arriving very late on the day.  I was sitting at the Doctors with my son due to a football injury. 

I would also like to give a HUGE thanks to the 29 families who put in the effort to sell their full book of raffle tickets. 


Those families were :

Balkos, Bedome, Bendle, Buckingham, Church, Craik, Copeland, Ellul, Fawkner, Garner, Glenn, Harris, Kay, Kelaart, Knowles, Lehmann, Locic, Maher, Matthews, Maxwell, McCombe, McWilliam, Pottenger, Robbins, Rudd, Templeton, Unsworth, Wastle and Wilson.


The prize winners were Mrs. Margaret Walker of Knoxfield—$500.00 petrol and the Lehmann family won the Mark Bradkte singlet that was kindly organized by Neil Jebb.  The Knowles family won the Converse pack that was kindly donated by Dean Templeton.  Tyson McWilliam won the $50.00 Coles Voucher. 

Congratulations to all our prize winners. 

To everyone who sold tickets, Thankyou for helping your club to raise much needed funds.  The raffle raised $2019.00 profit. 

Well done everyone.

                                                                                                                        Raelene Unsworth




Our club is holding a

sausage sizzle at the



On  Saturday 15th September


Please come a support your club

And buy a sausage or two!



“Rebel Sport”

All members and their families will

receive a 5% discount on purchases made at Rebel Sport.

The club also receives a 5% rebate

on your purchase

(paid to the club annually).

Simply quote the Rowville Rockets Club I.D. number 24687

When you make your purchase.

Save yourself some money and help out the club as well.

Buy from Rebel & quote “24687




Welcome to the new committee members

recently elected at the Annual General

Meeting.  You will find a list of members with phone numbers attached to this newsletter.


To ensure the ongoing success of the Rowville Rockets Basketball Club, a new initiative for this year will be the introduction of sub committees.  The general committee positions have been split into 3 new sub committees that are relevant to the roles they will be performing.


The sub committees will be

·             Finance

·             Operations

·             Development


Each one of these committees have been set individual goals and objectives and is committed to the delivery of each of them throughout the course of the year.


All sub committees will continue to report back to the executive committee and will be chaired by a member of the executive committee.  The general committee will continue to meet

bi-monthly to ensure continuity and involvement by all members in the running of the club. 


This initiative will allow members of each sub

committee to concentrate on the goals and

objectives for their committee and ensure that more time is given to achieving more for the basketball club. 


The incoming committee is very excited about this new initiative and is looking forward to working within this new structure.  We believe it will allow the committee to offer more to you, our members.


Of course if you have any issues that you would like to discuss about this new initiative or any matter, please feel free to contact me on

9795 7477


Peter Farragher











JUNE 2001/JUNE 2002






Peter Farragher                9795 7477


Raelene Unsworth            9763 4450


Neil Jebb                           9763 1845    

Vice President—Development

Mark Plumridge                 9752 8998    



Teams Controller

Ros Copeland                  9755 5004


Sue Ellul                           9759 6068


Peter Farragher                9795 7477

Nicola Johnson                 9759 7259

Sharon Waterhouse         9763 2737

Registrar/Assistant Secretary

Debbie Wardrope             9764 8179


Sue Ewin                          9752 9951


Diane Lehmann                9752 7653

Development Officer

Dean Templeton               9753 2762

Coaching Co-ordinator

Aldo Sedevcich                9763 4665


Sponsors/Advertisers Wanted

The club needs your help in finding sponsors and/or advertisers for our monthly newsletter.  If you are able to assist directly, or help find sponsors or advertisers, please call


Dean Templeton on 0413 737 667.


  The newsletter reaches approximately 235 families per month and is a great opportunity for local businesses to reach their customers.


Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!




Scott Kellar                               2/8/84

Ashleigh Maron                       3/8/90

Alvin Locic                              3/8/92

Simon Girardo                          4/8/91

Lachlan Allen                           5/8/87

Christian Anetoudis                  12/8/93

Aaron Rose                              12/8/94

Matthew Heap                          13/8/87

Krystel Bendle                           14/8/86

John Horton                            14/8/86

Sarah Groves                             14/8/92

Nathan Kuhlwind                     15/8/94

Ben Maher                                15/8/87

Vanessa McLachlan                   17/8/89

Brianna Smith                           17/8/91

Jenna Van Wamel                    21/8/89

Jake Ruschmeyer                      21/8/91

Michael O’Connor                   24/8/86

Steven Rajasingham                  28/8/87

Renee Banjanin                         30/8/94

Brayden Burge                          31/8/90

Chris Plumridge                        31/8/87

Megan Murfit                           31/8/90




Trophies from the summer 2000—2001 season

are available for collection from the Property Manager

Sue Ewin

6 Constance Close

Ferntree Gully

PH: 9752 9951

The following players have trophies to be collected:

            Joshua Abell                           U/10

            Victor Hill                               U/8

            Christopher Hill                      U/8

            Nathan Canning                       U/11

            Matthew Armstrong                 U/12

            Kerry Trevillian                      U/18

            Brendan Moseley                    U/16

            Matthew Limogiannis U/18

            Daniel Banac                           U/14

            Michael O’Connor                  U/16




Please contact

Sue Ewin:  PH 9752 9951

 for enquiries

relating to uniforms.


A summary of rules regarding player injury and the blood policy


Player Injury

¨            It is recommended that no person be moved where there is a possibility that further injury or illness may result.  The referee in charge shall stop play until the individual has been attended to by qualified medical personnel.

¨            First aid kits are to be provided by the teams.

¨            In the event of illness/injury it is the individuals responsibility to seek medical advice.


Blood Policy

¨            Any player who is bleeding or has an open wound must leave the court.

¨            The wound must be treated and covered before returning to the court.

¨            If there is blood on the uniform the Player must change the uniform immediately.  The player MUST NOT

            resume play with wet or dry bloodstains on their uniform.  If the numbered singlet is unable to be replaced it may be           replaced with a t.shirt.  Shorts may be replaced with trackpants.

¨            Blood on the court must be cleaned by the parent of the injured player.




We would love to hear

from the coaches with

some updates as to how

your team is progressing.

This information will be

 included in the

monthly newsletter.



Knox Junior Raiders


Recruitment for the

Knox Junior Raiders

program for the 2002 season,

 which will begin at skills

sessions for new players,

will be held on:



September 2nd, 9th and 16th 2001


Under 14           12.30 — 2.00 p.m.

Under 12            2.00 —  3.30 p.m.


Anyone interested in being involved in the program as coach

or  assistant coach

are invited to contact

Damien Cotter

via the stadium office.






Coaches please note details of the following

tournaments to be held during the

September school holidays. 


If interested, please call organisers directly.


September 28th—30th  - Falcons Tournament            Knox Stadium            Boys and Girls           U/10 to U/18 Rep/A/B grades         Call Marilyn Rosa on 9758 2730

September 22nd & 23rd  - Waverley Tournament

            Waverley Stadium, Chadstone

            Boys and Girls U/10 to U/18 A/B/C grades

            Call Mike Bullock on 9807 9814



We hope you have enjoyed reading the new look “ROCKETEER”




The September issue of the “Rocketeer” will be available

for distribution on Monday  September 10th, 2001