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JULY 2002






Our next player assessment night will be held over 2 nights at the Rowville Community Centre.


Assessment nights assist the Age Coordinators in their role of placing players into respective teams and grade levels for future seasons.


ALL players are asked to attend the appropriate session for their age group.  Parents are also invited to come along and see how their sons / daughters are developing against the other players in the club in their age group.


All players are asked to bring along a ball.


The times and dates are as follows:




Under 10's - 12's

6.30 - 8.00 p.m.


Monday  12th August 


Under 14's - 16's

8.00 - 9.30 p.m.




Under 10's - 12's

6.30 - 8.00 p.m.


Tuesday  13th August  


Under 14's - 16's

8.00 - 9.30 p.m.



We are anticipating that these sessions will be taken by a Raiders and a Rangers coach on each night.

We encourage coaches to attend where possible to get a few pointers and coaching idea, and to review the status of their players development.



Those teams normally training at the community centre on Monday and Tuesday nights will NOT have a training session on these two evenings unless alternative

arrangements have been made with the coaching director.







Due to the poor response in regard to coaching reports last month (NONE) We  ask once again that all those coaching

Under 8, 9 and 10 teams submit a BRIEF report for publication in the next



 Please forward these reports to your coaching director by the end of July for inclusion in the August edition.                

                         Thank you.




Following is a letter presented at our recent Annual General Meeting on behalf of our newly appointed president, Dean Templeton. 

It may be of interest to those who were unable to attend on the day.



Unfortunately I am unable to attend today’s meeting and presentation day due to business commitments.  However I would like to pass on some thoughts regarding my election as President of the Rowville Rockets Basketball Club.


Firstly, I would like to make a special mention of, and thank the immediate past President, Peter Farragher.  Peter has worked tirelessly for the club and his contribution as President is very much appreciated by all of the committee, parents and players.  Peter may have finished as President, but thankfully will remain on the committee as a

coordinator.  Thank you Peter on a job well done.


I would also like to thank the retiring members of the committee: Ros Copeland, Debbie Wardrope and Aldo Sedevcich.  Each of these people has made significant contributions to the running of the club and we thank them sincerely for their efforts.  Raelene Unsworth is stepping down as our hardworking secretary and will assist Charles with the Treasury, but I would like to make a special point of thanking Raelene for her tremendous work as secretary.


To the new members of the committee and those remaining on board, thank you for all of your efforts.  It has not been an easy year, we have made a number of changes over the past twelve months, and at times things were a little chaotic.  However, I believe we have a terrific committee and we all have the chance to confirm Rowville Basketball Club as a major domestic club in both the Knox and Dandenong Associations, and a significant sporting club within the Rowville community.  With the work  that Mark Plumridge and Charles Heap are putting into our database, we are well on track to achieve our aims quickly and efficiently.


Our aim in the next year is to give as many Rowville children, the opportunity to play basketball at a level they are comfortable with, in an environment that is both fun and non-threatening and to make every effort to advance the

children in their development as players.  We also have a larger obligation to the community at large to assist in the overall development of these children as solid members of our society.


In order to achieve this we need your help.  As parents and members of this club it is vital that you make every effort to help in any way you can.  Whether as coaches or team managers, or committee members or any other role you can think of.  The club is only as strong as you make it.  The committee is entirely voluntary and we are always open for help in any areas.  If you think you can help please call me!!


Remember that this is your club and we need your help!


Thank you and enjoy the rest of the day.



Dean Templeton





To the following players who received





Mitchell Garner

Lucas Gibbons

Nathan Canning

Matthew Dols

Max McAra

Jack Rowland

Tyrone Wilhelm

Shane Lehmann

Darren Catmull

Lachlan Sparkes

Ben D’Rosario

Brayden Burge

Ben Wilson

Samuel Donchi

James Butler

Roland White

Ben Hall

Joshua Dare

Adam Charalambides

Stephen Rajasingham

Rachael Waterhouse

Jessica Smith

Brianna Smith

Shelly Caddy

Ashleigh Maron

Alexandra Templeton

Kate Payne-Gill /Siobhan Powel

Alex Stoddart

Adam Bronsgeest

Simon Grant

Brad Biviano

Tim Buckingham

Amanda O’Keeffe

Samantha Lavale

Danelle Thiele

Jessica Mason

Morgan Peters

Suzan Alev

Glen Petrie

Gavin Knight

Luke Van Rheenan

Bradley Smith

Nicholas Ellul

Leigh Mc Innes

Greg Madder

Adrian Todesco

Jane Vanin

Kate Williams

Krystel Bendle

Eloise Haynes

Samantha Skuja

Jessica Kay

Krystal Sharp

Simone Adams

Daniel Unsworth

Clint Robbins

Kalvin Harrison

Brent King

Brad Johnson / Chris Bannister

Sean Mc Innes

Adam Charalambides

Matthew Heap

Monique Mitchell

Alicia O’Keeffe

Emily Kay

Amanda Graves

Brad Matthews

Brent Robbins

Brett Noon

Sean Harrison



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