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Newsletter of the Rowville Rockets Basketball Club

PO BOX 2060, Rowville, 3178


November 2001



“Rebel Sport”


The Rowville Rockets Club

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       The December issue of the “Rocketeer” will be

available for distribution on Monday December 10th, 2001.

Please ensure that you have collected all “special effort”

tickets and money from your team by November 19th.





A clinic was held at the Community Centre on Tuesday 30/10/01 for all club coaches to assist in the development of coaching skills.


Damian Cotter—Knox Coaching Director presented a comprehensive set of drills to over 30 coaches.  The emphasis for the night was to concentrate on player skill development and ensure that bad habits are rectified no matter what age the player.  All coaches learnt something from the night, no matter the age group they are coaching.  Look out for new drills and for coaches to be working on individual areas that will help you improve your own game. 


A big Thank You to Damian for making himself available and to the coaches for attending and making the night a huge success.


We shall be organising more next year, so watch this space for details.





Travis Allen                              1/11/85

Kelly Marshall                          1/11/90

Mitchell Woods                       2/11/91

Curtis Rudd                              2/11/92

Adriana Mijac                           7/11/90

Kalvin Harrison                        8/11/86

Rachael Dols                             9/11/93

Sharlene De Mel                        10/11/84

Bradleigh Johnson                    10/11/87

Estaban Montecinos                 10/11/91

Carl Hill                                   11/11/90

Timothy Buckingham               13/11/90

Bradley Smith                           16/11/88

Lauren Goldsmith                     16/11/88

Brent King                                17/11/86

Alexandra Copeland                  17/11/90

Brad Biviano                             17/11/90

Daniel Aggromito                    18/11/87

Dean Harris                              19/11/92

James Carydias                          20/11/89

Jordan Glenn                            20/11/93

Simone Adams                         21/11/86

Kyla Murnane                           23/11/87

Samantha Gallagher                  23/11/87

Rachael Waterhouse                 23/11/90

Alex Jenkins                             23/11/90

Zac Street-Crunden                   25/11/90

Lauren Sedevcich                       25/11/92

Troy Towers                             26/11/91

Keith Dankergois                      27/11/82

Beau Menary                            27/11/86

Shelley Caddy                           28/11/90

Fabian Grillo                            29/11/88

Scott Duncan                            30/11/90



A “Finals” Note from the Secretary

Well, another season has come and gone. (I must be getting old, they seem to come and go so quickly these days). 

Our Finals campaign is over.  Our Club did extremely well, with nineteen teams making finals at Knox. 

Congratulations to all coaches and players that played in finals.


Of those nineteen teams, eleven made it to the Grand Final.  We had seven wins and four losses.  It was great to see all the Grandparents and relatives out in force to support the children.


I’d like to make a special mention to the Under 20 boys and their coach, Terry Robbins.  What an awesome effort to finish fourth in the season, then take out the flag. 

Great effort guys!!!!


Thank you also to Co-ordinators and to those Committee Members who scored the Grand Finals.


Premier Teams and Coaches

Runners Up Teams and Coaches


U10 (4) Boys

Jackie Paull

U14 (2) Girls

Lauren Steele

U14 (4) Boys

Julian Szekely

U16 (3) Girls

Henrick Thomsen

U18 (1) Girls

John Shore

U18 (2) Girls

Ian Brockely

U20 (1) Boy

Terry Robbins

U10 (1) Girls

Caitlin Smith


U14 (1) Boys

Brad Connors


U16 (1) Girls

Grant Mitchell


U18 (2) Boys

Daniel Phillips



Don’t forget to check out our website for all the latest “Finals” photos



Team Name

Knox U/16 (3)






Henrik Thomsen

After finishing 3rd for the season, the first finals game was against Boronia.  Having beaten Boronia three weeks earlier in a game that resembled a rugby match rather than basketball, the Rockets were determined to finish off

Boronia once and for all.  With Bianca playing her best defensive game ever and Annette putting away most of the points for a “pb”, the Rockets advanced to the next game. 

The second final was against The Basin—the team that finished 1st on the

ladder.  In a hard fought game The Rockets hit the lead half way through the first half and never let go.  Again, another “pb” from Annette with Kate playing her best game for the season. 

On to the Grand Final to play against Belgrave!

Enormous pressure was applied from both sides right from the start.  In a hard and fast game with Pamela playing like a Tasmanian Devil on Steroids and Stephanie delivering a season best, the game was in the balance all the way. 

Alison put away a basket at a critical time and with Bianca on the bench, Simone played her best for the year with a great defensive effort.  The Rockets were in front by 2 points with 30 seconds to go when Belgrave equalised.  In to extra time and Belgrave scored again.  The Rockets stood up and responded with 6 quick points, and finished up winning the Grand Final.  The will to win, hard work and determination from all 7 players made the difference.

Congratulations Girls, you really deserved to win—good luck for next season, I will miss you all. (Well sort of …………………… you know!!!)



Rowville Rockets

 Fun Day


Free Throw Shooting Competitions, for all ages, Win great prizes


Trophy presentations by

Darren Smith of the Victorian Titans

·          MVP and Coaches awards

·          Participation Trophies

·          Finals Teams Presentations

·          Consecutive Season Awards


BBQ Snacks Available

Bar Serving

Beer and Wine for Adults

Soft Drinks for the Kids


               “SPECIAL EFFORT”

·             First prize, a fabulous 4 Burner Gas BBQ valued at $600 from “Melbourne Wood Heater and Barbeque Liquidation Centre”.

·             Second Prize, a Titans, Tony Ronaldson authentic playing singlet, framed and autographed. Estimated value  -  $300.

·             Third Prize, Converse Gear to the Value of $200




November 25th

3pm until 6pm

Rowville Community Centre


Presentations begin at 3.15 pm

Don’t be late



Special Effort drawn at the End of the Day


Lucky family Draw for Great Prizes

You Must be there to win !!!!!





Apologies to Knox teams for the late distribution of the “Special Effort” tickets.

With the changeover of seasons it made it difficult to co-ordinate the

distribution to players.

We ask that all families please sell their tickets at $2.00 each and hand them back with money to their team manager by November 19th.  Thank you.


Good luck to all !!!!!!!!