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Newsletter of the Rowville Rockets Basketball Club


October, 2001

PO BOX 2060, Rowville, 3178


Dear Rockets,


               I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all teams that made the finals at Dandenong.  Out of the teams entered, only one missed out on a finals position. 

               The Under 14/1 team won their grand final by two points after giving their coach some concern near the end. 


               The Under 12/3 team made the grand final but were just beaten.  This was a great effort and they should be proud of their achievement.  I would like to thank Gary James for

agreeing to coach this team at the last minute.


               Good luck to all teams at Knox looking at finals.


               On a disappointing note, it has come to my attention that some people are not paid up financially.  Unless all outstanding Winter Season fees are paid or have made some

arrangement with the Club, your child or children will not take the court for the Summer Season.  As a club we are trying our best to keep costs down, our figures are based on all members paying their fees.  Playing basketball for a club is not a free

service, by not paying fees everyone is disadvantaged.  The club is charged team fees and training venue fees, regardless of whether we have collected the money from our members or not.  If you are having difficulty making payments, please contact  Robyn on 9752 9010 to arrange a payment plan.  This will be done in the strictest of confidence.  Because of the large amount of families that have money outstanding, the club will enforce a NO PAY, NO PLAY policy.




Peter Farragher



“Rebel Sport”


The Rowville Rockets Club

I.D. number for Rebel Sport is



Quote this number when

 making purchases from

 Rebel Sport

to receive a 5% discount.



Happy Birthday in OCTOBER to


Paul Ferre                                             1/10/88

Krystal Sharp                                         2/10/87

Victoria Howard                                    3/10/83

Shane Gray                                           3/10/87

Dean Mendes                                        6/10/89

Joshua Ewin                                         7/10/89

Nathan Canning                                   9/10/91

Kate Cronin                                          11/10/85

Ben Heuston                                        11/10/89

Lynsey Pritchard                                  11/10/89

Gavin Knight                                        12/10/88

Casey Alabaster                                     12/10/90

James Unsworth                                 13/10/84

Robert McBride                                    17/10/84

Danelle Thiele                                       17/10/89

Kayla Thiele                                         17/10/89

Andrew Hudson                                    18/10/85

Jane Vanin                                           20/10/86

Brendan Moseley                                   21/10/86

Calvin Craik                                          21/10/87

Brad Paull                                             23/10/92

Travis Fearon-Brown                          24/10/86

Charlotte Howard                                    25/10/90

Warren Fawkner                                    26/10/89

Ben D’Rosario                                      26/10/90

Kate Green                                           27/10/86

Jack Rickard                                         27/10/92

Tim Woods                                          28/10/85

Greg Madder                                         28/10/88

Benjamin Hall                                      29/10/89

Ailsa Rajasingham                             29/10/91

Mitchell Garner                                                29/10/91

Alec Farragher                                      29/10/93

Simon Reed                                          31/10/88

Scott Tansley                                        31/10/89



Coaches for the

Summer Season Wanted Desperately


Each season we submit up to as many as 47 teams, which require coaches.  Because of the large number, we are looking to encourage as many parents as possible to take on the role of coach or even to start out as an assistant to an existing coach. 


We have produced manuals, coaching tips and are

running clinics to help anybody who is thinking of starting out. 


Each association runs a Level 0 course that we can

organise your attendance at. 


We would also like to encourage any of our older aged players (16—18) to think about the role of coaching and passing on the knowledge you have gained from your coaches over your career.


Please contact Mark Plumridge on 9752 8998 or Aldo Sedevcich on 9763 4665 if you would like to discuss this further.



A Note regarding

the Family Surveys


Thankyou to those families that have

responded to the family survey which was

attached to the September issue of 

“The Rocketeer”.


We are still interested in hearing from more families in regards to what it is that you want from your club.


Please complete the  survey and return it  to us in one of the following ways:

·             Send by post to    

          PO BOX 2060, Rowville, 3178

·             Online through our web site  -

·             Hand it to a committee member





WHEN:  Sunday November 25th, 2001

3pm  -  6pm


WHERE:  Rowville Community Centre

Fulham Road, Rowville


Trophy presentations to be made by




BBQ Food Available

Beer, Wine and Soft Drink Available for sale


Great Door Prizes


Rowville Rockets    “Special Effort”   drawn

1st Prize    -   4 Burner BBQ

2nd Prize  -    Framed Titans Singlet

3rd Prize   -    Converse Gear


Basketball Shooting and Dribbling Games

for all kids and parents


A Great Day for all the family ………………








Thankyou to Peter Farragher, Raelene Unsworth, Roz

Copeland, Sue Ewin, Sharon

Waterhouse, Dean Templeton, Debbie Wardrope, Mark

Plumridge and Aldo Sedevcich for manning the sausage sizzle held at the Boronia Stadium

on Saturday 15th September.  I’m sure that all of the above people wont want to look at

another sausage for quite some time, cooking around 6oo

sausages on the day has seen to that.


A huge Thanks must also go to

Jamie Burgess for supplying us with the bread, Mark Plumridge for supplying the onions, and last, but no means least, Dean Templeton for once again

supplying some Converse gear for the raffle.  All of these things at no cost to the club.


The raffle was won by the Unsworth family. 


The clubs’ profit for the day was $416.70.  ]


A great effort team, well done, and again thanks to all




We have vacancies for Under 8 girls for the

upcoming Summer Season at Knox. 

Uniforms for Under 8 girls are FREE for the first season.

Beginners are most welcome.

All enquiries to the club Registrar, Sue Ellul on 9759 6068





After the success and positive feedback from the last clinic, we shall be running another coaches clinic on Tuesday Night, 30th October, 2001, at the Community Centre to start at 7.30 pm.


We have been able to secure the services of Damien Kotter—Coaching Director KABA to run this clinic and we have asked him to concentrate on running offensive drills and show how to get the best from set plays.


We would encourage all current Rockets coaches and assistants to attend this clinic to add some more ideas to your training program.  We would also encourage any parents and players that are thinking of becoming a coach in the

future to attend, as the clinic is free and all Rockets members are welcome.


At the completion of the clinic at 9.00 pm we shall hold a brief Coaches meeting for Knox Coaches that will be

coaching during the summer season, to distribute the team list and discuss any rule changes and review club policies and expectations of Rowville Rockets coaches.


Please mark this date down in your calendar as an event not to be missed.



Titans basketball club has

established a basketball

development division called


It exists to provide a range of

opportunities for both boys and girls aged from 9 to 23 to gain a variety of experiences to

assist them in achieving their goals.  It will also increase the

awareness of the players to the necessary commitment and

discipline required to make it to the highest level in sport and in life.

If you have the desire to

improve your basketball skills in a disciplined and professional program you can register for the next trials to be run by contacting the Titans on

9752 1009 and ask to speak to Dean Perry the Head Coach of Titans Zone. 

Alternatively you can email him on


You can check out the web site for more details on the

program at




       The November issue of the “Rocketeer” will be

available for distribution on Monday November 12th, 2001





Team Name

Knox U/10 (2)






Adam Gaggino


The girls have shown great improvement over the course of the season.  The most noticeable thing is their ability to now work as a team which they weren’t doing before.  They are still lacking some defensive skills but that will come.  We will also have to work on their rebounding and really getting in there to get the ball.  We are winning a few games, currently sitting just outside the top 4, but I think if we just work on these couple of things, we could have a real chance in the finals.



Team Name

U/14 (1)






Brad Connors

Ladder Position


After Round



The boys didn’t take long to gel together and have really worked well as a team all season.  Although we are undefeated and sitting 2 games clear on top, the concentration and commitment of the boys has not dropped at all.  The road to the finals is now ahead of us and we are really playing some good basketball.  Adam Gaggino, Jarrod Dare, Shane Gray and Matthew Heap have been solid performers every week.  Peter McPhillips has been the defensive backbone of the team and with the rebounding power of Lachlan Allen and Tom Payne-Gill, teams have been struggling to score against us.  Peter Seretis made a successful return to the game this week after dislocating his right thumb 3 weeks ago and was a solid performer on the




Team Name

U/14 (3)





Coaches Name

Stuart Hocking

Ladder Position





Unfortunately the team has been plagued with injuries, and some team members have been out for a

number of games.  Thanks to the assistance of C/Res and Dandenong team members, we have been able to field a full team and make an impact on the games.  This team can go a lot further, with some application and attendance at training sessions, and some members attending games when they are needed.  The

overall court coverage can be a little slow with some members and this can hamper the challenge in some games.  Overall however, most players skills are well up to the grade level, and adherence to team play will be the key to success for this season.



Team Name






Coaches Name

Julian Szekely

Ladder Position


After Round


The Under 14 CR Boys performance throughout the 14 rounds played was of a high quality of team work, cooperation, and overall playing as a team was demonstrated by all players well.  We are currently ranked 2nd on the ladder and hoping to be victorious at the end of the season.  All players have been albe to work together without any conflicts or hassles to produce a competitive team for the season.  Overall as a coach I am enjoying coaching and hope to continue to give assistance and help to these keen basketballers at present and in the future.



Team Name

U/14 (1) - DBA





Coaches Name

Fred Dykman

Ladder Position


After Round



The team played Oatlanders for the second time in the finals series, with the ledger during the season at 2 wins Rowville Rockets, 1 win Oatlanders.  Both teams meeting again in the major playoff for the Premiership Cup.  Our boys having the week off prior to the big game were quietly confident.  The game started slowly with both teams evenly posed at the 10 minute mark with 8 points per side.  After the time out, Rowville stepped up the tempo with excellent team play and finished the first half 8 points up 22—14.  The beginning of second half saw Rowville increase its lead to 12 points, the team playing well and looked in a commanding lead.  However, Oatlanders decided they wouldn’t go down without a fight and started to revive a comeback.  The score board went point for point as the ball rebounded out of each teams defence, both teams were wearing down with the pace fast and furious until the last 3 minutes, Rowville had a 7 point advantage and 9 fouls on the score board.  Oatlanders were pressing and taking control of the game.  The Rockets tried to settle the game down and resume ascendancy.  The Oatlanders had nothing to loose and were determined to make their mark.  After the final siren the score boards stopped at 40—38 in the Rockets favour.  Well done to all the boys, it was a great team victory that went down to the wire.                  

         May I say the best team won the game.



Team Name

U/16 (1)





Coaches Name

Grant Mitchell

Ladder Position


After Round



The Under 16 Girls have had an excellent season so far.  We have only lost 2 games, and that was due to not having all players available.  In one match we only had 4 players and went down by 2 points.  As the season

progresses, the Girls have really improved in their team play.  The passing down court is very slick and the movement around the key has been fantastic.  One area that has really paid off has been the long range shooting.  At training the girls practice this area each week (in between their social chitchat).  During games we now take a high amount of long range shots including 3 pointers.  And yes, the 3’s do go in.  In one game Sally Riley shot three 3 pointers in a row, much to the coaches delight (and her proud Dad’s surprise).  The team is very flexible and evenly balanced.  Not a tall team,  with Monique Mitchell out rebounding most

opposition each week and giving many inches away, she continually mops up the boards at both ends, and scores well.  The left handed Rebecca Petty continues to find gaps on her way to the basket as does Sally Riley and Jane Vanin, whose all-round ability has her working at both ends with great play.  Kate Williams and Zoe McCombe add to the rebounding area, they also offer great scoring avenues.  Shaheeda Abdulla puts pressure on plenty of opposing players and continues to create a number of steals each game.  The one area that has proven extremely well has been the girls attitude.  They go out to each game and training to have fun at all times. 

Now, if I could only get them to stop talking for a minute, they just might listen to me.



Team Name






Coaches Name

Mark Plumridge

Ladder Position


After Round

1st Semi Final


Unfortunately after having a good season and finishing 3rd on the ladder, we could not continue the good form and went down in the 1st semi final to the same team we beat the week before.  That’s what finals are all about, the best team on the day.  We have learnt a lot as a team and we are looking forward to next

season to improve our position and show our true colours.