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Newsletter of the Rowville Rockets Basketball Club

PO BOX 2060, Rowville, 3178


September, 2001




Fun    Day



25th November 2001


Time and Venue to be advised at a later date.


Please mark this date in your

diary now as a day not to be missed.



Happy Birthday




Kristian Serainidis                                  3/9/92

Tom Payne Gill                                    3/9/87

Bradley Papworth                                  5/9/92

Sam Walsh                                           6/9/92

Shane Feore                                          6/9/94

Jarrod Dare                                           7/9/87

Nathan Thiele                                      7/9/93

Viola Nasserallah                                  8/9/83

Katie Riley                                            8/9/84

Greg Hunter                                         9/9/83

Stephanie Ferre                                     11/9/86

Peter Seretis                                          11/9/87

Kara Williams                                       11/9/88

Justin  D’Rosario                                  11/9/88

Matthew Ellul                                       11/9/90

Brendan Redwood                                 12/9/82

Zoe McCombe                                     15/9/86

Adam Bronsgeest                                  17/9/90

Ben Bronsgeest                                     17/9/90

Monique Mitchell                                 19/9/85

Sam Sheedy                                           21/9/92

Cailley Orrock                                      21/9/92

Daniel Martin                                       23/9/84

Samantha Woods                                 24/9/87

Sophie Burgess                                      24/9/89

Luke Beddome                                      24/9/92

Bianca Contrabona                               27/9/87

Terry Sideris                                          27/9/93

Scott Templeton                                   29/9/88

Benjamin Buckingham                          30/9/93


Dear Rockets,


We are entering into finals time at Dandenong and I would like to take this opportunity to wish every team GOOD LUCK, do your best, but, most of all enjoy the games.  Everyone has put in a great effort this season and I would like to thank the Coaches and their Team Managers and Dandenong for the wonderful job they have done.  We have had

another very successful season, I hope you can all continue next season.


In our last newsletter we asked for 2 boys

Coordinators for Knox, at this time we have not

received any interest.  We have 2 Coordinators

attending to the girls and I am the Coordinator for the boys at Dandenong.  Dandenong will have 12 teams entered next season and it is not possible to assess the other 16 teams at Knox.  If you have any interest in where your child is placed in a team for next season, now is the time to help out.  By putting up your hand now, you will receive plenty of help, you will not be thrown in the deep end.  If we do not get any Co-coordinators for the Knox boys, the

committee will place boys in teams.  This is not the best solution for the boys as they will not have been properly assessed.


Attached to this newsletter is a survey.  We would like to know what you would like from “your club”.  PLEASE take the time to fill this in with your family and return it to your Team Manager, a Committee Member, by post, or if you’re on the internet you can fill in one from the web site and email it back.  This is your club, you are entitled to your say.


Go Rockets!


Peter Farragher




Please Note:


Our Registrar is now


and not Debbie Wardrope as was

published  in last months committee list.


 Please contact Sue Ellul with any

registration enquires on

9759 6068





“Coaching for Coaches”

Sunday 7th October 2 — 4 pm

Court 1 — Knox Stadium


Knox Basketball’s Director

of Coaching

Damian Cotter

Will be conducting a

Coaching Seminar

directed at Beginner coaches.


FREE to all domestic coaches


Coaches for the

Summer Season


Each season we submit up to as many as 47 teams, which require coaches. 

Because of the large number, we are looking to encourage as many parents as possible to take on the role of coach or even to start out as an

assistant to an existing coach.  We have produced manuals, coaching tips and are

running clinics to help anybody who is thinking of starting out. 


Each association runs a Level 0 course that we can organise your attendance at.  We would also like to encourage any of our older aged players (16—18) to think about the role of coaching and passing on the knowledge you have gained from your coaches over your



Please contact Mark Plumridge on 9752 8998 or Aldo Sedevcich on 9763 4665 if you would like to discuss this further.


Player Placements for the

Summer Season


As the winter season draws to a close, the Team Coordinators have commenced working on the

placement of players and teams for the upcoming summer season. 

Player Assessment sheets have been distributed to coaches to receive their input to assist in the

assessment of each player’s skill level.

The coach will be in contact with each player during the last week in October with the team allocation and training details.









Wednesday Oct 3rd

Thursday Oct 4th

Friday Oct 5th

10am  -  3pm each day



·             Skills based training

       for beginner and

       experienced players

       OVER 8 years.    

·             3 days of expert

       coaching by Senior

       Raiders players and


·             FREE CAMP T-SHIRT

·             Only $80 per player.

       (inc. GST)

·             Bring lunch, drink bottle and a basketball.

       (All clearly named)

·             Lots and lots of fun !!!!




Enquiries on 9762 1298

during business hours.  No phone bookings as payment must be made prior to camp







Basketball skills for Under 8’s

Knox Basketball Stadium


Monday 1st and

Tuesday 2nd October 10am—2pm each day


·             Cost — $30

       (incl GST) per child

       per camp.                                           

·             Bring Lunch, Drink bottle and a


       (All clearly named)

·             Skills based training for beginner and experienced players UNDER 8 years.

·             2 days of expert coaching by Senior Raiders players and coaches.

·             Fun and games as well as learning new skills.

·             FREE CAMP T-SHIRT



Enquiries on 9762 1298

during business hours.  No phone bookings as payment must be made prior to camp








A Basketball skills

program for non players

UNDER 8 years


Knox Basketball Stadium




Term 4

Monday, Tuesday or

Wednesday nights

4  -  5 pm


·             Cost—$25 for the term

       Mini Raiders Size 5


       $9 (optional)

       Mini Raiders T-Shirt

       $8 (optional).


Mini Raiders is aimed at young non-players,

introducing them to the sport of basketball in a non-competitive program of coaching and modified games.  Mini Raiders is a great way to prepare your children for our

junior competition.


For further information, please contact Julie, Di or Raelene at the stadium office on 9762 1298

during business hours.



Dandenong Rangers Try Outs


The first two dates of the Rangers Try Outs

for season 2002 are:


Sunday 23rd September 


Sunday 30th September 


 U/11, u/12, u/14     8.00 am  -  10.00 pm

 U/16                            9.30 am  -  12.00 pm


Venue—Dandenong Basketball stadium


Every player must bring:

·             Basketball

·             Dark & White (or reversible) singlet

·             Filled drinking bottle












8.00 PM

ADULTS   -  $12.00

CHILDREN  -  $8.00


Contact the Stadium on 9794 7192

 for more details





Our club is holding a

sausage sizzle at the



On  Saturday 15th September


Please come and

 support your club

And buy a sausage or two!



Please find attached a copy of the Rowville Rockets Family Survey.

We would like some feedback from YOU and YOUR family to allow us to assess what you would like from YOUR basketball club.

Please complete the  survey and return it  to us in one of the following ways:

·             Send by post to   -  PO BOX 2060, Rowville, 3178

·             Online through our web site  -

·             Hand it to a committee member




       The October issue of the “Rocketeer” will be

available for distribution on Monday October 8th, 2001


Team Name

Dandenong U/16






Mark Plumridge

Ladder Position


After Round



We have had a good month, winning all games.  Our last game we won by 50 points with a great shooting display from Daniel Aggrimitto who shot 21 points.  We have 1 more game before the finals and the next game we play the second placed and we must win to takeover the 2nd spot and get the double chance.  We are confident of a strong finals campaign regardless of where we finish on the ladder.



Team Name

Knox U/14 ARRockets 2


A Reserve



CoachAssistant Coach

Dean Templeton

James Unsworth

After finishing Runners Up in B grade last season, the boys have found A

reserve a little tougher!  However, after some close losses early in the season, we are now starting to play well and beat the second placed team, Boronia by 13 points.  With further improvement we feel confident that we can still sneak into the finals.  All players are contributing to our resurgence!!!